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Unlike standard thermal surveys our process is centred around and closely involves the residents. It consists of 3 phases.


Phase 1 - Energy Tracing

The residence is prepared by heating to 10 degrees above the outside temperature for 2 days. The Energy Tracer visits and uses a special small thermal camera system to identify poor insulation. Our draft maker generates, a small pressure difference across all external surfaces to simulate wind.  The camera sees the incoming cold draughts. It's image is WiFi'd to a display the resident views and a continuous recording is made including the Energy Tracer’s verbal report. All internal surfaces are inspected. The whole building airtightness is measured using the room sizes uploaded by the resident during the booking process. Then an advice session is recorded covering Energy Saving, Air Quality, Comfort and suitability for Air Source Heat Pump. A copy of the videos plus our free DIY Shallow Retrofit Pack are explained and left.

How much Does it cost? 

One    Bedroom Flat                    £150 

Three Bedroom or less House    £250

Four   Bedroom House                £300

Five    Bedroom House                £350

Payable on completion of Booking Process

For Properties that don't match any of the above criteria, please make an enquiry via the "Contact Us" tab.

Phase 2 - Energy Shallow Retrofitting

Reducing your energy consumption is by behavioral change and physical changes to the property. The DIY pack encourages both.

Behaviour is changed by seeing what is left on and measuring every device's consumption in use and in standby.

Physical changes are what you can do yourself helped via a password to our Shallow Retrofit Training Videos. When the changes are complete a repeat Energy Trace is wise to check the work and savings obtained.


Phase 3 - Energy Deep Retrofitting

 To gain further energy saving, major measures are required and need to be carried out by competent professionals

under building control supervision. However, the Energy Trace gives useful information into the deep retrofit planning.

Deep retrofit is expensive and you may delay until affordable. There are various grants to part fund but these require a PAS 2035 process and approved, Trust Mark registered contractors. When complete a final Energy Trace should check the work and the savings.

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