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Before booking

In order to avoid frustration and disappointment:  Please have the following information 


available - as you will need to enter it during the booking process.

Requested Info                                         Example Answer

Building type                                            Bungalow, Terraced, Semi/Detached, Other


List rooms by use & floor size                 Hall-10.8, Lounge-12, Dining-9, Kitchen-7.2, Bed1-5, Bed2-7.5,       

                                                                (Please use above format with size in Square Metres L x W)

                                                                 These Measurements are vital as they are used to                                                                 calculate Air changes during your Energy Trace


Wall construction                                     Insulated, Solid brick/Stone, Timber, Other


Occupation type                                      Owned, Rented, Housing Association, Other

Primary heating type                             Electric, Gas, Oil, Heat pump, Open Fire, Other

Secondary heating type                        Electric, Gas or Oil open fire Other

Water heating type                                Electric, Gas, Oil, Solar, Heat pump, Other

Cooking type                                         Electric, Gas Hob,  Aga,  Other


Depth of loft insulation (mm)               If known


Number of open fireplaces


% of double glazing


Number of occupants


Annual electricity consumption            £:                     kWh:


Annual gas consumption                      £:                     kWh: 


Annual other fuel - Oil, Wood, etc.      £:


After Booking

You will receive a booking confirmation Email, as will your chosen Energy Tracer, informing them that you have booked.

They will phone you over the next day or so to introduce themselves and discuss any further aspects. At his point the Tracer will either accept the booking or in rare circumstances organise an alternative Tracer for the same time and date.

Two Days Prior to your booked slot 

For a successful Trace Please prepare your home before the Energy Tracer arrives:

  • Please switch on your heating, ideally for 48 hours but at least 24 hours, before the Energy Trace to thoroughly warm up the fabric of the house to at least 5 degrees C above the outside temperature. For outside temperatures above 16 degrees, the thermostat must be raised above the normal 20 degrees, to keep 5 degrees above the outside temperature. When outside is at 22 degrees the    thermostat must be at 27 degrees. This Is the highest temperature at which one can easily sleep. Above 22 degrees one cannot Energy Trace.

  • Ensure all radiators are turned on so each room is heated.

  • Switch off/stop any wood burners, open fires, Aga's/Rayburns, or gas fires two hours before the Trace. We will reduce the pressure inside the house during Tracing and this might draw gases or smoke into the house.

  • Clear away any items on window sills to allow easy close-up access.

  • Ensure there is a space for our equipment, such as on a kitchen table or worktop with a nearby 13 Amp socket for battery charging.

  • An hour before the trace:

    • Switch off the central heating.

    • Pull well back all blinds and curtains, including nets.


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Tracer Arriving at your Home

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Getting Involved yourself

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Receiving Advice and Video

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