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Local Worcester Cathedral


Energy Tracers CIC operates via a network of social franchisee companies. Each in a defined area.

Area Covered
The map below shows the area covered by Energy Tracers - Hereford & Worcester. Our Tracers are distributed across this. If you live close by in localities without an operating Franchisee, then a Tracer from Hereford & Worcester can cross the border to you. So please choose the closest one when booking.

Area Map

Building characteristics

Herefordshire & Worcestershire has a vast variety of properties from rural off-grid cottages and farmhouses to big city old dwellings with modern suburbs. There are many types of vernacular buildings using very local materials.  Also the hilly terrain creates wind and draught problems (Exposed Locations)  Our Tracers have training to cover this.

Local Connections

We are a Member of the Herefordshire Green Network (HGN),  plus work with Transition Malvern Hills, (AONB), Etc.

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