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How We Got Here

Thermal imaging of buildings to see escaping heat dates back to the 1970s. Starting as a poor quality, extremely expensive process, by 2010 the quality was good but still expensive with few buildings surveyed because of cost and few competent building thermographers.

From 2009 to 2013 Brian Harper conceived a fast procedure and developed new low-cost equipment. This was trialled with Transition Malvern Hills and part financed by the Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty sustainability fund.  The success was high with typically 80% of residents taking DIY action. Energy Tracers was formed as a not for profit community interest company in 2014, to further develop and repeat the service outside Malvern.


In 2016 contact was made with an embryonic Bristol NGO to whom we licensed the concept with ongoing support from Malvern. Up to the Covid lock down over 400 dwellings were Energy Traced. This gave similar results to Malvern. Post Covid the licence was not renewed, so Energy Tracers CIC independently has further developed and extended the concept to be a comprehensive professional package in order to spread Energy Tracing across the UK.

As we design and manufacture our own equipment we have an ongoing R&D program to introduce new innovative techniques to this field.

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