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Welcome to Energy Tracers website

We are here to save you money and help solve climate change

 by tackling a serious cause

See Bristol Area Page for Details of the Retrofit West Vouchers Scheme

Thermal image showing draught under doorway

Thermal image showing large draught under external doorway. Draughts are one of the major causes of lost heat in the home

The Problem  

The problems of global warming, energy security and high costs are now a number one topic. We have to reduce consumption and reduce fossil fuels.  


Energy saving in buildings is a huge and complicated topic that involves many professions including architects, surveyors, civil engineers, heating engineers, retrofit companies, research academics etc. It is a daunting task for residents to undertake and we are here to help.

The Solution  

Energy Tracers is a complete program to help residents minimise their energy consumption without spending a fortune. To this end we have a connected program of services to help your journey down the retrofit road.

To date some believe Energy Tracers just perform thermal imaging of houses, we do far more than that.

Our philosophy is to demystify the topic of saving energy and place the resident in control by providing clear ground truth information and empowering them to do much or all of the work themselves at exceptionally low cost. 

This starts with an Energy Trace using our Thermal Camera System with our unique ‘Draft Maker’. The results inform an advice session that leads into guided DIY retrofit, with energy savings of up to 30% attainable for a very low cost.  

Please click on the services tab to see the program in detail.

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